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    CIMC Vehicles advances global commuting case market



    On April 19, Zhenjiang CIMC Smart Specialty Vehicle Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CIMC, held the KTL’s first product launching ceremony. One of the major industrial projects of Zhenjiang in 2018, the post-market pilot project of CIMC Vehicles, the “Jinshan Factory” painting line was put into production, which marks the realization of being “made in China” in Zhenjiang of the commuting case favored by European customers. 

    Originated in Germany, commuting case is the most widely used intermodal equipment in Europe for road transport and rail transport. In recent years, the demand for this product has been growing rapidly in Europe. Having grabbed the opportunity and got involved in this field in time, CIMC set up a factory in Poland in Europe, and is cooperating with Chinese factories to produce commuting case products. In China, with its advantages in cross-border design, overseas manufacturing and global supply chain, CIMC Vehicles has transported different equipment and accessories of commuting case products to the Poland factory in the form of CKD for assembly.

    In March 2018, CIMC Smart Specialty Vehicle’s industrial park project has officially settled in Zhenjiang High-Tech Industry Development Zone. Having starting construction in December 2018, the project has an annual design capacity of 8,000 units, and has adopted fully automatic energy-saving and environmental protection technology. With “China’s leading and world-class” painting line, it focuses on the production of commuting case products. The KTL put into use yesterday adopts cathodic electrophoretic coating and powder spraying technology, which not only saves energy and protect the environment, but also further enhances product quality and prolongs product service life.

    As is reported, the technology of commuting case production of “Jinshan Factory” not only surpasses the European and American standards, but also is the first of its kind in China with 100% patent rights. The operation of KTL of Zhenjiang CIMC Smart Specialty Vehicle marks a new level of enterprise development. And after the project is fully put into production, the company is expected to become the third largest manufacturer in the global commuting case market.